The First Edicts of the Silvanaes

The First Edicts

Not all the history of the Silvanes is enlightened, nothing shows this better than the First Edicts. These are a set of four laws, enacted by the Silvanes prior to the founding of the Confederation. These laws, written int the Charter of the Confederation by the elves, establish strict limits on the right of non-elves. (From the Guidebook of Taladas)

No Heerikil shall be permitted in the land of the Armach-nesti. Unto this land may the Sons and Daughters of Silvanos come alone and no other. Death is the punishment for all who trespass upon these lands.

No Heerikil shall know a Daughter of Silvanos, nor shall a man of our people have relations with an Heerikil. If it be shown a Child of Silvanos entered into this pact foreknowing, the punishment is exile. For a Heerikil who breaks this law through deceit or violence, the punishment is death.

No Heerikil shall bring suit against a Child of the Silvanos for ruination of property should that accused hold a letter of warrant for the deed from the Prince of the People.

No Heerikil shall be allowed as master of a Greatwater Vessel, nor shall any Heerikil claim title to captaincy of command that may be of more than his own kind.

The First Edicts of the Silvanaes

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