A Small mining village that has little activity other than rough mining in the service of the king. The village’s success has drawn the attention of bandits and barbarian raiders which set upon the king’s highway caravan.

Pop: 825
Main Export: Raw Ore, Metals

Notable Sites:

1. The Swordbreak – largest meeting hall and gaming house in the town. Rooms let on a sliding scale depending on the availability and the amenities. Horses are also stabled and stalls can be rented on a nightly, weekly or monthly basis.

2. The Bailiff’s House – a keep that functions as the Sheriff’s family residence, as well as the center for village administration. Two families live here (the Sheriff’s Family and the Guild Master’s family). Powerful visitors also stay here. The house has a permanent staff of 3- in residence in an adjacent building.

3. The “Good Lucke” General Trading Store – Provides for all basic provisions and equipment as found within the handbook with no exotic weapons, armor or barding. Occasionally, scavengers may bring in strange alchemical potions but the shopkeep does not vouch for their ability. The store claims to have an exotic animal that the keeper advertises as a cockatrice.

4. The Necromancer’s Parlor – Prepares funerary rights and conducts shaman activities, will hide a body for the right price.


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