Taladas: War Drum of the Dragon

Arrival in Hammersmhaal

After surmounting the deadly darkness of the sorcerer’s ruined tower, the party stops off in the village of Hammersmhaal to rest. Upon arrival, they learn the village is beset by banditry and the threesome have been pressed into service of Gunthar the Blade as part of the town watch.

A Sorcerer's Ruin

The story begins with our party leaving the comforts of a coastal city in the midst of a foreign war. There were stories of a powerful merchant named Wormould who had black dealings with the dark arts which eventually led to his spectacular ruin. No telling how for sure, but locals fear getting too close to the remains of his ominous tower and having their lives taken, or worse! Only the very brave and the exceptionally foolish have attempted to discover what misfortune fell the summoner’s tower.


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