House Sarkany's Missing Ring

a gold ring with a house sigil


This is a gold ring found in the sorcerer Wormould’s ruined tower (see: A Sorcerer’s Ruin) upon a veiled corpse, filched by the exceptionally talented rogue of many skills, Groa Sutter of the Passmore Marshes.


This ring once sat upon the delicate finger of Lady Neva Theiss of House Sarkany. House Sarkany is a powerful house in service to the King and the vicelord that oversees Hammersmhaal mining and trucking. The house has fallen on dark times since the Lady disappeared months ago, with two of the sons pressed into the war and the sire of the house, Sir Yormy of the Wilde, a recluse in the Bailiff’s House.

House Sarkany's Missing Ring

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