Groa Sutter of the Passmore Marshes

A Half-Elven Rogue of Exceptional Skill


Level – 4

ST 12
DX 16 Missile Bonus +1 AC Bonus -2
CN 15 Hit Point Bonus +1
IN 12 Speaks 3 Languages
WS 10
CH 12

HP 19
AC 5

Wears Leather Armor
Weapons 2 daggers and 1 staff


Groa felt very much alone until she ran away from home and met a druid recluse, Arthurus. Evil forces, however, were after Arthurus and bewitched the trees near his home. Arthurus managed to save his beloved viper, Chuck, who had been meandering in the trees, but the evil magic lingered in Arthurus’s body and slowly began to eat away at him. Groa Suttor of the Passmore Marshes could no longer stand to watch her mentor decay as such, and vowed to fight the evil forces and find a spell to cure his affliction.

Groa Sutter of the Passmore Marshes

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